Hospital Management


Diagnostic Management Software

The standalone diagnostic centers in our country are evolving to become a part of multi chain centers which are either a standalone or a part of the hospital setup. This segment has taken off because group of radiologist’s doctors are merging the medical details with technology and providing the details to the treating doctor immediately for him to initiate the treatment / surgery accordingly. This vertical shall grow like hub & spoke where the hub shall act as a nucleus where the doctors shall receive the images and shall feed their observations & findings. The software shall create an EMR which shall be readily available to the patient & the doctor on the web for them to take immediate course of action.

Patients files Management Software

Patient file management software helps you save time and enjoy greater convenience by managing all of your patient information, records, and documents in one place. You can enter patient demographics, enter insurance policies, and track health information, set up patient alerts, access financial history, and store documents. By managing your entire vital patient clinical and billing in one place, you can save time and provide better care for your patients. You can capture all patient data quickly and easily using our Software. As you enter general patient demographics information, take advantage of auto-completion on pick lists and zip code lookups to quickly select a city and state by entering just the zip code. You can set up each patient’s default provider and service location to save time when entering appointments or encounters. Finally, you can store a journal of notes for each patient, complete with the user and time stamp for each note.

Pharmacy Management Software

There’s no shortage of challenges in running a pharmacy-increased competition, new regulations, piles of paperwork and shrinking margins. But you didn’t build up your pharmacy without overcoming an obstacle. And Veroxy Technologies Ltd. wants to help you continue to grow and serve your patients like no other pharmacy can. That is why we listen to your business goals and work with you to select a technology system that offers the right tools and services that not only help you survive, but thrive. We understand that it won’t do to have a one-size-fits-all kind of software solution. Your pharmacy deserves a technology partner that can design solutions around your needs and offer technology that suits the way you run your business and allows you to provide better care to your patients. In short you need a partner who understands you as well as you understand your patients – that’s veroxy Pharmacy management Software & Automation.