Look Iniside Your Walls with Smartphone

Look Iniside Your Walls with Smartphone

In 2016 it was presented an interesting high-tech stud finder. The device is called the WalabotDIY is an addition to your smartphone. With this device can be found in the wall of plastic pipes, wires, studs. Maximum detection depth of up to 4 inches. Today announced the device with phones based on Android. The work with the iPhone device is not yet known.

The cost of such a device is $ 200, which is comparable with prices on the top stud finders.

You can then visualize the actual location of the pipes and wires through a connected Android smartphone (the WalabotDIY connects via USB, so it won't work with your iPhone). Vayyar Imaging also touts the WalabotDIY’s ability to sense motion, suggesting that it can be used to find pests in your walls - theverge.com.

The WalabotDIY specializes in creating 3D sensor that can visualize the surrounding objects. You can order this device on company website - https://walabot.com/diy

But before making a purchase think carefully whether you need it. Or the sensor will lie within a few days in your box. Because this device cost not small money.